OIWC Spring Event

Oatland Island Celebrated their Spring Event Kickoff  on April 2, 2016

As a partner in education, CEBA members have the opportunity to share their beekeeping enthusiasm during the special events held by Oatland.  The Sheep Shearing demonstrations and other activities on April 2, allows for CEBA members to educate the public about honeybees.


Spring OIWC


Jan Quattlebaum and Penny Mills started the morning off opening hives and selecting frames for show & tell.  As the public ventures down our center sidewalk to view the bee yard, we carefully ask them if they would like a closer look!!!




CEBA normally request members to sign up for 2 hour shifts.  It really is an opportunity to acquire your talking skills and enjoy the excitement on the kids faces as you show them what a frame of honey, or brood, or anything else you would like to show them from the bee hive.





As the day continued, the Cerpovicz Family joined in and worked the second half of the day.  Paul, Jolie, Karolina, Oskar and Anita were all there taking turns to give visitors that upfront and personal touch.









At one point during the afternoon, CEBA had this adorable little butterfly walk into the bee yard to see what all the excitement was about !!














What a great opportunity for parents to have their children share a positive experience on our honeybees !!!