OABA Bee Club

Ogeechee Area Beekeepers sponsored their Beekeeping 101 classes on March 5th!

A special thanks to the Trinity Baptist Church in Nevils, Ga for hosting the event.  Also, a big thanks to Bobby & Gail Colson, B & G Honey Farms for organizing the event with the OABA bee club.



B & G Honey Farms of Statesboro, Ga












Family Life Center Trinity Baptist Church, Nevils, Georgia



Registration counted 28 students for the beekeeping event that drew locals to spend the day learning about honey bees.



John Dyal, President of OABA kicked off the event, followed by a short pep talk from Greg Stewart, CEBA President












Another big thank you Tillman, Brannen, & Minick for their participation and donations at the bee event.



Tillman, Brannen, & Minick Bee Supply, Statesboro














Grand prizes and door prizes were made available by the The Bee Mart Farm Supply Company.







After morning introductions and classroom schedules explained, students split up to begin their day of learning.



Bill Adams, NUCs & Packages










Instructors brought along their equipment and favorite choices of tools, clothing, etc to let the “newbees” know there was some flexibility in beekeeping.  Students rotated through their multiple training classrooms covering the basics of beekeeping equipment, package bee installations, NUC purchases and installs, bee management, and of course, student had to have some biology and pest lessons!




Ted Wallace & Wallace Brown Basics of Equipment



The President, John Dyal and of course B & G Honeyfarms wishes to thank the instructors for a job well done.



Bill Adams, Ted Wallace, Wallace Brown, John Dyal and Pete Roundtree.


Door prizes along with a grand prize of a complete 8 frame hive was given by Tillman, Brannen and Minick Bee Supply o fStatesboro, Ga.