Keith Delaplane

UGA Professor Dr Keith S Delaplane packed the conference room on February 13th at the OIWC.

CEBA was honored to have Delaplane come visit Oatland Island Wildlife Center as a preliminary event to the FUNdamentals of Beekeeping that is scheduled for this February 27th.   Beekeepers and the public had been invited to attend a lecture entitled:  “The Superorganism for Beekeepers & Beyond“!





Just over 70 attendees got a perspective on this fascinating insect that was nothing short of enlightenment.  Kind of a ‘buzz lightyear’ awakening on not only the honeybee as an individual, but understanding the colony itself as an organism; a super-organism!








Delaplane balanced his enthusiastic love for the honeybee, with both educational depth and humor.  Most Georgia beekeepers know Delaplane from his work at UGA; his foundational development of the Young Harris Beekeeping Institute; and beginners are always recommended to start with a very popular book called:  First Lessons in Beekeeping.  Once familiar with the book, you learn that Delaplane himself was given the 1968 edition of Charles P Dadant’s classic, as a boy to learn about honeybees.  He never imagined that he would be asked one day by the heirs of the Dadant family to re-write the book for the 2007 edition, a request he was honored to take on.






Delaplane has traveled around the world studying this insect affectionately referred to in the latin as:  apis millifera





The lecture was a shortened version from a series of work that Delaplane has written.   And if you missed it, well, you really missed a good one!








Delaplane was presented a very interesting gift by Barbara Phillips at the close of the lecture.  The crowd was expecting to see honey, but instead was told it was his favorite hot sauces!  We found out later that Judy Piros knew what his favorites were in the hot sauces and caught him by surprise!





While in Savannah with family, CEBA took the opportunity to request Delaplane to participate in a small ceremonial opening of the clubs activities.  CEBA has been working since January 2014, developing and remodeling an apiary and a workshop.  In 2015 they started a Pollination Garden Project that is now well underway with many additional projects being drawn up.











The front of the CEBA Shack was hand painted by the club’s artist, Laura Liu.  Many CEBA members and Delaplane gathered around for the presentation.

Board members & friends provided us a photo opportunity and everyone finally got a close up of Laura’s artwork.

One of the club members who help immensely to build a fund to make something like this happen was also in attendance.  He however eluded the camera so I’ll just splash his name right here to say thanks!


Thank you Fred & Liz Grier !!!













And of course, what a great opportunity for Keith Delaplane to sneak a photo with his lovely wife, Pilar!








Keith Deleplane and Pilar then got tour of the project work that Barbara Phillips is leading.  This includes the current Master Garden work with the Pollination Garden design and our future plans for a Water Wall and Observation Hut!