Master Gardeners Begin Work

Faith Sadley brought a team of experts to kickoff the opening start of the CEBA Pollination Garden Project!

In previous posts,  you read about the Master plans being agreed upon between Barbara Phillips and Faith.  These plans were shared with Heather Merbs for review and October 30th was chosen as ground breaking day!


These are exciting times for the future of CEBA.  The Oatland Island Staff is also thrilled with the work they are seeing being accomplished at our apiary.  But there is still a lot to develop, plan, and build at Oatland.  We are always looking for more volunteers with so many projects active.

If you are still wondering what you can do between now and the FUNdamentals event in 2016, be sure to come to the next meeting on November 9th.  CEBA will be updating everyone on the activities and status of projects.  We also will be having the Savannah Bee Company as our guest speaker.

Take a look at some of the photos since 2014_January to see how our CEBA Apiary is taking shape!

Be an active part of these projects that the public is going to enjoy for years to come!!







The old Gardner Club building borders our apiary to the north.  Faith and her team have gone through a selection of plants/shrubs to either relocate, or remove them.  They also decided to use the long side of the old building as a back drop for our apiary.  Their plans include having CEBA pressure washing and painting the side of the building.





Most of us also remember the dreary and shadowy look of the bee yard.


CEBA members have done a lot of preliminary work to remove limbs, junk, and thanks to Robert Potts, a lot of yard grooming has been taking place.

Now with the Master Gardner Team stepping into the picture, we should really start to see the transformation from a once neglected and shadowy plot, into a beautiful Pollination Gardner for the public and CEBA members to enjoy!



Here is the team Faith Sadley brought to the October 30th, kick off work day:

Ron ElockIMG_0776

Ellen Findley

Julie GillartIMG_0774

RoseMary Cone



Faith Sadley



Roberts Potts and Sue Hendrix were there bright and early to help get this started.   We even had the President of CEBA showing up in time to be the clean up boy and ride the little tractor!













We also took the opportunity to begin clearing from behind the main rows of colonies.  This will allow the Master Gardners to slowly replant or reshape many of the existing plants, including the bamboo cluster we have in the apiary.








As we continue to clear out undergrowth and allow the team to work their magic, the bee yard will appear much more spacious and eventually, we will have more sunshine beaming through the trees.










This is only the beginning stages for the Pollination Garden with plant plots to be added.   I’m told that Fall is the perfect time for cutting and relocating shrubs.










The added space in the back of the colony rows will certainly allow more beekeepers to gather and listen to our Saturday speakers.






Oatland Island’s staff is really looking forward to seeing all this come together for CEBA.   We have many more projects coming in November, December, and January 2016.  We will be bringing in equipment to help trim and remove trees; we will be completing artwork on the CEBA Shack; we will be completing the sinks inside the CEBA Shack; and plans are being drawn for the Pollinating Insect Water Wall, which will be located near the street sidewalk.

Please don’t be missing out on being a part of what will be a huge success story for years to come at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center!!






As the north side of the apiary takes shape, the team will be taking advantage of the sidewalk that borders our bee yard.

Visitors will be able to enter several locations to view the yard and observe the honeybees working their magic.




I am wondering what color they will chose for the building?  I wonder if they are going to paint bees on the wall? Or butterflies? Dragonflies? Hummingbirds?

What do you think should go on the side of that building?  Let Barbara Phillips know your thoughts!!




Get involved before the involve get done!!!

Barbara can be contacted at: