David Arnal

Coleslaw Beekeeping:  Mistakes beekeepers make at all levels

CEBA held their regular Monday night meeting with guest speaker, David Arnal.  If you did not attend, then you are still missing out on your membership benefits and educational opportunities!












We had over 40+ in attendance, including many guest who were there to see what CEBA is all about.  We would like to double this attendance in the future, whether it is our Monday night meetings or Saturday guest speaker events.  So please get in tune with the events being offered at Oatland Island and come join us.


The September 14th meeting certainly covered a wide range of information from Mr. Arnal.  It was clear half way through the lecture where he got the title of presentation.




The presentation covered not only the mix of historical beekeeping development, but many of the key evolutionary changes that took place over the last 100 years.  Many of these were discoveries by mistake, while others were well developed experience written down for future use by anyone.   Mr. Arnal stressed the relationship differences of beekeeping methodologies between commercial, small business level, and urban backyard beekeeping.




We got a good dose of also the written methodology recorded in books, along with his advice how to steer through all the cyberspace information, much of which may be poor advice for urban beekeepers.






Of course, for those of you who have listened to David slip in parts of his own experiences, we also learned that at one time — yep — he said it, he was chicken farmer !!!













As with all of our meetings we always provide time for questions and answers from the audience.  The topic of discussion seemed to be mostly around varroa mites and treatments.  These 15 minutes of Q & A often are an educational lesson alone, so if you missed it, don’t let it happen again!




We hope you will be planning on attending the October 10th, Saturday event with guest speaker, Bill Owens.  Please be looking for emails and other post on this website for the details!


Thank you for your support:   CEBA