Honey Extraction Success

CEBA conducted their honey extraction event on August 8th, with guest speaker Read Nichols.

The CEBA Apiary provides resources to support several different avenues to raise funding for Oatland.  The clubs primary objective is to make sure we have several strong hives dedicated for honey surplus from our club colonies.  This honey is extracted & bottled for the purpose of selling it as Oatland labelled honey.  There are other hives like Annie’s educational colonies used for programs there at Oatland.

On August 8th, club members met up with Read Nichols at 12  noon in order to have Mr. Nichols use and demonstrate his mobile honey trailer.  This is also a license certified “honey house” !




Members went to work pulling honey frames and delivering them to the trailer.  Members were  able to gain experience with other beekeepers in their techniques for pulling frames of honey.





Oatland appreciates all the work the CEBA members and visitors are doing for both the facility and for the public education.




CEBA successfully pulled some 25 frames of honey and bottled it for immediate sale to the public.  This is our way of earning our keep and supporting the wonderful efforts taking place on Oatland Island.










CEBA members didn’t stop with just the clubs hives, as Annie’s educational colonies have been doing GREAT!  Annie moved members over to continue the extraction and added another 20 frames to the honey collection!  Over all,  Eugene Brown reported 45 frames processed and Read reported approximately 11 gallons of honey coming out of the trailer!!




I think the members were trying to keep up with Mr. Read, but he’s done this many, many times already.  If you keep bringing the frames, he can keep up with the extraction !!!





Those attending were able to have the experience of extracting honey using a much larger scale of support equipment.  And don’t forget, Mr. Read’s services are available to anyone!!








When the work was all done, several members retired to the air-conditioning of the main campus where Mr. Read made himself available to answer additional questions.



CEBA wishes to thank Mr. Read Nichols for both his services and his time in participating and supporting our club at Oatland Island.

CEBA will also be having a repeat of this type of apiary work in September, but at a smaller scale.  We will be adjusting many of the hives in preparing them for the Fall.  Inspections from members revealed we have some minor comb cleaning to do!  We hope to also be providing the public some free tasting opportunities.

We will announce the Saturday event on this website, but we will make sure during our September 14th speaker meeting the date & times.


Thank you from the honeybees at Oatland for their really cool looking homes!!!