Amazing Apiaries

When beekeepers are traveling we often find ourselves looking for bee boxes on the side of the road.  We just can’t help it and we often miss so many without knowing it!

The next time you are out Quacco Road be on the look out for an amazing and colorful site of bee boxes.  We are sharing a few photos here to give you an idea, but when you see these boxes in the sunlight, with the bees flying, it is absolutely eye-catching!!

I refer to this bee yard as the “Liz Apiary Wonderland” and I bet every honeybee wants to move there!!

If you don’t recognize the people in the photo, be sure to ask at the June 13th Honey Contest at Oatland Island.  We’ll be sharing some photos on the BIG SCREEN during the event so everyone can really see the colorful bee yard!

We will also reveal more about the beekeepers of this artistic apiary!!