Wilbanks packages were really packed nice with bee populations this year.  CEBA members went to work on Sunday, April 5th, increasing the number of colonies in our club apiary.

CEBA knows that everyone with bees is really BEE-SY this time of year!  So we really appreciate members coming to work, paint, clean, pick-up sugar, and of course, installing bee packages!  The CEBA Shack is really starting to get busy.

Many new members were installing bees and getting their hands-on experience in the apiary at Oatland Island.  This is one of the primary reasons for our club to have their own apiary to manage.  Learning from other members, asking questions and getting their hands in the hive.

We all learned from the FUNdamentals and yard talks that there are many ways to install packages.  Take a look at the photo(s) below to see how Lee and Laura were staging the hive bodies.  I know Lee is supposed to be a Science/Chemistry teacher, but she sure is quick to pose for the camera!!










Note the Laura & Lee have installed the queen cage between frames; they are laying the package box sideways; covering this with a deep super body and letting the bees crawl out over the queen and frames.











Laura staged the box with 2 frames of empty comb and 1 frame of capped honey comb.  The ladies reduce the entrance to the small opening and made sure the boxes were a good fit (avoiding using any damaged or warped equipment that might let other bees into the hive bodies).