CEBA has Packages Still Available!

New delivery date is now April 14th, afternoon drop offs !

We are continuing to take orders for the Wilbanks packaged bees and queens.  These are the 3 lb packages + a marked queen included in the $85 per package deal.  Queens are $25 each (unless we exceed 10+, then the price drops to $23 each).  You can have queens clipped and/or marked, $3 per additional request.

Orders & payments can be sent to our PO Box 241 address, along with your full name for membership verification.  You will receive confirmation via email that we have added your order to the list.  BE SURE to email Greg.Stewart@Bellsouth.net  your reservation on the number of packages.

CEBA will be handling the pick-up for you on April 14th.  Locations are currently the Georgia Botanical Gardening (aka – Bamboo Farm) and Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Below is the 2015 shipment from Wilbanks at the Ottawa Strawberry Farms.