Our Mission: 

Our mission is to promote and support responsible beekeeping practices; that benefit honeybees, beekeepers, our citizens and our environment throughout the Coastal Empire Low Country; where we live and call home.


Meetings:  2017 UPDATED 01/22/2017

CEBA voted to return to monthly meetings at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Club meetings will alter between Guest Speakers and our Local Beekeepers.  We will follow the same meeting agenda on Monday nights, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

January 9th – Annual Business Meeting (What 2017 offers members & elections)

February 13th – Local Beekeeper(s): Local beekeepers sharing what they are finding in their own hives & what they will be working on in the next 2-4 weeks

February 25th – FUNdamentals of Beekeeping (All day classes in “How to get started in beekeeping! How to manage your bees during the seasonal changes!) 

March 13th – Guest Speaker: Pending

April 10th – Local Beekeeper(s): Local beekeepers

May 8th – Guest Speaker:  Pending

June 12th – Local Beekeeper(s): Local beekeepers

July 10th – Guest Speaker:  Pending

August 8th – Local Beekeeper(s): Local beekeepers

Sept 11th – Guest Speaker:  Pending

October 9th – Local Beekeeper(s): Local beekeepers

Nov 13th – Guest Speaker:  Pending

CEBA provides a social time from 6:00 – 6:30 PM for members and visitors to gather information and to talk about beekeeping among themselves.  We also serve a light food trays and coffee during this time.  We will continue with our educational speakers in 2017 from 06:45 to 08:00 PM.  Our focus in 2017 will be to grow our apiary & public programs, along with watching our Pollination Garden evolve as Master Gardeners help design our apiary’s new look  for 2017.  


Saturday Events on Oatland Island:

CEBA committees are working to build our Saturday Programs into a Demo Educational / Apiary morning of activity.  We will send out updates as this evolves.


URBAN BEEKEEPING IS NOW LEGAL inside the city limits of Savannah!  In October of 2015, the City Counsel voted to adopt the same ordinance used by the Chatham County Animal Control.  The interest in beekeeping is spiking again for CEBA, especially with our programs growing at Oatland Island.  We invite guest to come and check us out, as we would love to share our experiences in beekeeping with you. 

Meeting Location:

Oatland Island Wildlife Center 

711 Sandtown Rd. Savannah, Ga. 31410



Membership is open to the public, anyone may join our organization.

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Contact Us

If you have general questions or would like to know more about the Coastal Empire Beekeeping Association, please contact us using one of the following methods:

Write to:

Coastal Empire Beekeepers
502 US Highway 80 W
PO BOX 241
Pooler, GA 31322


NEW Email: CEBA.OIWC@Gmail.com

CEBA is also transitioning from www.cebeekeeping.com to our new Membership Site:  Wild Apricot.  We are maintaining links to keep information available at this time.

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The 2016 CEBA Membership Benefits continue to grow and we  hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Below are our educational opportunities for members:

  • Speakers are funded for each of the regular 06:30 PM club meetings (March, May, July, September, November).
  • Apiary inspections will take place on the 2nd Saturday for educational and practical experience learning.
  • Apiary Workshops will be taught by CEBA during the warm months at the CEBA Shack (Dates & times to be posted)
  • CEBA Honey Contest in 2015 included a Welch Honey Judge.  We are moving this to the end of the summer and inviting members from across Georgia to participate.  This will include educational training.
  • Our sugar program will continue in 2016 and our stock is pending the next delivery to Oatland.  Sugar should be available starting in February. (Currently on HOLD pending supply source)
  • 100 Wilbanks Bee Packages for early April delivery have already been placed for our club.  Members may start their deposits at the January 11th Business Meeting.
  • We added a 3rd Honey Extractor that will allow more members to be extracting on the same weekends.
  • We brought back our CEBA Club Low Country Boil for the members that will be held between Summer/Fall seasons.  JM Sikes will continue to provide his expertise in this style of cooking.
  • Membership into the Georgia Beekeepers Association in 2016 is active, which in turn will provide more opportunities for our club.
  • The CEBA Shack is nearly finished and will be fully operational for our February events.  The shed will have electrical power, large stainless sink, and HOT water for cleaning and/or mixing sugar syrup.

Please continue to check our website activities for more benefits coming your way!

CEBA Teams

CEBA Teams











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Just having fun!





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